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Les mer her


Johan lagde søndags mat: Afgansk lammerett :-)



Jeg var i Verdal i Lein Vestre Gård å høre på nyeste om inn på tunet.


Johan and Nicky tracking titbits on Monday in Leksvik Hundeklubb :-)

Kristin (Johan is uncle to her) was a BIG HELP when I was cleaning Emil's cage :-)

Kristin and her sister, Ingrid, playing with Nicky :-)

Ingrid riding a islandic horse, Perla (?) yesterday :-)

Ingrid is SO GOOD to ride!!



Some pictures during the week :-)

Nicky sits and sees around, what she does a lot!

Ingrid with Starri & Bliki

Scrutching each other!


If you see closely, you see two mice inside the toaster!!!!! Toaster has been thrown away (we didn't use it so much) now and we are keeping doors closed! But house is from 30's so we will always find mice here... Milton is a rattkiller, so maybe I train him to catch mice!!


Første gang kurs i Leksvik Hundeklubb!!!


Litt statistikk: Ettersøkshunder i Norge per dato


It was born a very small calf yesterday! She was 2 weeks early and so sweet!! Just compare to Milton!


BLODSPOR (1 døgn gammel spor) MED DOMMER I KVELD med Sheila i Mosvik ved Liatjønna: Dessverre måtte vi avbryte søk da Sheila mistet spor :-) Første ca 150 m gikk greit: hun tok riktig vinkel til venstre, men så begynte hun å vise tegn at sporet er gått tapt (spiste gress og ristet seg). Vi fikk flere sjanser å prøve på nytt, men hun skjønte at dette går ikke. MEN FLINK VAR HUN!!!!!! Og vi ble mer sugen å trene å bli godkjent til ettersøk! Neste år er Nicky også med med Johan :-). Koselig kveld og vi vill savne samlinger ved Liatjønna!!


Her hviler Chess ca 100 m fra huset.


Sheila's last training with blood-track yesterday before going to judge today!! It didn't go so well as I thought, but we will see what happens in the evening :-) Track was 22 hours old so I think she was good anyway :-)


Milton went straight to foot without tracking, so it wasn't so good that either :-) But he used his nose in air (high nose) and found shortcut, so I think result was the same than to follow track...


And Nicky... Nicky was Nicky :-)) I have to train her with food first, but this was fun to see her :-) She is growing so fast that Milton's harness (valjaat, sele) was too little today...


It's still odd that Chess is not with us...


Good bye, Chess...


We had last blood-track training on last Thursday and Sheila proved trainer again: we are going to be judged later in autumn. Sheila and four others who has been qualified to proof this year. We are very proud of her and it's nice to show "old hounters with their typical breeds" that there are other useful breeds too to work with!

Nicky was with us too, but she fell asleep quite early :-)

Here are some pictures from Thursday:


Our dear, dear Chess: you have no more pain to spring up there!

Since May she showed more symptoms on her right elbow (AA:E) and hip (HD: D) and discussion began how long we will wait or see what happens. It was small signs and it was better days, but unfortunately behaviour changes too when there's pain. Before it goes too far, we decided it was the right time... Lot of tears...

Here are Milton and Nicky taking care of Chess after she passed away. She was put in sleep at home and we'll bury her tomorrow: not so far away from the farm, so she will be with us every day :-)



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